Toys : Energon : Galvatron

Name: Galvatron
Faction: Decepticon
Toy line: Energon
Sub-line: The Powerlinx Battles
Availability: mass release
Manufacturer: Hasbro, USA
Released: November, 2004

Packaging Style: Hasbro tri-lingual Energon box
Includes: Galvatron, Tank Drone, Missile, Megatron Sword, Tech Spec Card, Instructions, Catalog

At long last Transformers Energon Galvatron is here! When pictures first of Energon Megatron first surfaced, fans were pleased to see an update to the original Generation One Galvatron in the form of the new Decepticon leader. When the color scheme was revealed to be based on 'Microman Megatron' (as Orson of the now defunct Orson's World's put it). It took some fans by surprise. While the original Energon Megatron's color scheme was somewhat based on the original Galvatron toy, to which he lends his design to, most fans were hoping to see a color scheme based on the cartoon model of Galvatron. You see the figure of Galvatron was mostly light gray with some purple, black, and red. While the cartoon version of Galvatron was mainly purple, with some gray and black areas. So many fans saw this as an opportunity to get a new version of the Galvatron they grew up with, with the color scheme most preferred, that of the cartoon. Now fans finally have it, Energon Galvatron!

While Takara's Superlink Galvatron G is loosely based on G1 Galvatron, Energon Galvatron's colors follow that of his original name sake very closely. Energon Galvatron is mostly dark purple with pearlescent gray, black, translucent orange, and translucent yellow orange. The light gray on Energon Megatron is mainly replaced with dark purple, with the lower legs light gray being replaced with the new light gray used on Energon Galvatron. Galvatron's legs are painted over silver, with gray and black details. The black on Megatron's mid-arms and upper-legs is now silver on Galvatron. Megatron's tank drone is no longer black with Galvatron, but it is now light gray. This color closely resembles Armada Galvatron, who was a very light gray as well. Coupled with the purple highlights present on the tank, further the resemblance. The light blue on Megatron is now black on Galvatron, with the dark blue parts on Megatron either turning to dark purple or black on Galvatron. The two cannons atop Megatron's shoulders are now translucent orange as opposed to translucent green. This is a big homage to G1 Galvatron, who featured a large translucent orange cannon, his trademark weapon. The semi-transparent green wing parts on Megatron are now semi-transparent yellow orange. Two of the dome-like protrusions on the back of Megatron's wings are appropriately orange (to represent Energon) on Galvatron rather than blue on Megatron. Though two remain purple, when orange would be more fitting. Now if Energon Galvatron's colors weren't enough to make the G1 Galvatron robot-mode homage apparent, then his paint applications casts the dye. Starting with the silver paint on his lower legs. This is a nice touch on Hasbro's part to make the lower legs somewhat differentiated from his upper legs and his feet. The black section on the top portion of his upper legs clear resembles G1 Galvatron's cartoon model. While light gray feet with black 'shoes', as it were, follow G1 Galvatron's almost exactly. Hasbro even went out of their way to leave the leg guards unpainted while painting the inner leg portion of his upper legs black to make the leg guards apparent. This detail was one many fans missed on the three previous versions of this mold (Energon Megatron, Superlink Galvatron, and Superlink Galvatron General). The leg guard detail is present on both toy and cartoon form of Galvatron. Hasbro furthers the direct homage with the waist and chest detail. Energon Megatron, and now Galvatron, already featured a chest and waist that was predominately based on both G1 Galvatron's toy and cartoon model. Galvatron follows his name sake's color scheme with a silver belt and metallic red 'four pack' and belt buckle. This is an extremely nice touch, and a much nicer red and presentation than on Superlink Galvatron G. While Galvatron G's upper arms are black with gray lower arms, Energon Galvatron closely resembles G1 Galvatron with purple upper and lower arms, with silver mid arms. Silver and orange details are also present on his upper arms. Energon Galvatron features a silver face, with metallic red eyes, and a black 'crown'. With the initial pictures of Energon Galvatron many were not pleased with the black 'crown'. I for one like it, and don't think any other color would work better. It is certainly better than the lilac color used on Galvatron G. Even the sections above his shoulders (which contain the cannons) are a homage to the cartoon version of G1 Galvatron. They are black on the lower section with silver on the top, just like the original cartoon. Energon Galvatron also features some new touches, like metallic teal on his chest, the guns along side his cockpit, and back/top of his wings. Silver, black, metallic red, and purple round out the colors used on his back. While this is a personal preference, I prefer the outlined Decepticon symbols on Galvatron to the previous versions of this character/mold.

Now there is a lot of debate as to which figure is better, Superlink Galvatron General, or Energon Galvatron. To me the choice is apparent. While I like Galvatron G, and his color scheme, he seems like a half effort in comparison to Energon Galvatron. Energon Galvatron is so closely based on G1 Galvatron that it's almost a wonder this isn't a fan custom paint job. Hasbro really did a lot of work and effort to get the colors and details to as closely match the cartoon G1 Galvatron as possible. It's almost jaw-dropping to me. The little touches and nuances show that Hasbro really cares as to what fans want while residing in a certain financial limit. The color scheme on Energon Galvatron couldn't get any closer in my opinion. In fact, Energon Galvatron features a lot more paint details than his predecessors. While Galvatron G seems somewhat lacking in the paint details. Many of the paint details present on Superlink Galvatron are missing on Galvatron G. Perhaps it's a side effect of having the purple Dinobot sword, but who knows. Any way, the gray lower arms and front of the jet mode, along with the many lilac parts and amber Energon parts make Galvatron G only have a passing resemblance to the cartoon version of G1 Galvatron. Though the cartoon version of Energon Galvatron/Superlink Galvatron G resembles Galvatron G, not Energon Galvatron. Irregardless of Galvatron G's show accuracy (in regards to Energon/Superlink), Energon Galvatron is the far superior toy. When I reviewed Galvatron G, I gave him a 9 out of 10. This is mainly due to my fondness of the mold, and his G1 Galvatron-esque color scheme. Had I owned Energon Galvatron at the time, he'd be lucky to score a 7 out of 10. Having these two figures side-by-side, Galvatron G almost looks like a knock-off compared to Energon Galvatron. As is the opposite case with Megatron and Superlink Galvatron, I prefer the larger size of Energon Galvatron, as it seems like a proper power up. Where Megatron has grown in size and changed in color as he's become Galvatron. Though I may be biased a bit in this review, Energon Galvatron is my favorite Energon/Superlink toy thus far. With only a few releases remaining, I highly doubt he'll be topped. He easily gets a 10 out of 10. For not only being a great mold, but having by far one of the best color schemes and homages to come out of Takara and Hasbro in a very long time.


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